Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Dariana Spanish School-- our first post!

We arrived on Wed night January 19th, after an exhausting trip. Carlos picked us up at the Managua airport and drove us Nicaraguan-race car style to Leon and our homestay with Hilda and Hildita (another 10 yr old).  As it turned out, they were in Miami, due back on Friday, so Nellie, Hilda's niece met us with a typical dinner and after a shower we dropped into bed.

Classes started at 8am on Thursday at Dariana, a15 min walk past several churches --Leon has   16 or more, including an amazing cathedral, all quite ancient-- and all used for landmarks, as street names are either non existent or disregarded.

After class on Thursday we tromped back to Hilda's for lunch, which has become our routine, and in the afternoon skipped out on our school activity of a movie about Nicaragua's revolution ( a wee bit too intense for day 1 for us...and all in spanish, of course...)

Friday afternoon we hightailed it out of Leon for a respite at Ponteloya, or Isla des Brasiles..

more soon!

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