Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Day In Leon

While we were in Leon, we were staying with a family in their house. The mother's name was Hilda and her daughter's name was Hildita (little Hilda).  They also had cousins that were visiting and the mother's name was Carla and her daughter's name was Danahi. Their cousin was also there visiting just for that day. We left on a Saturday so on Friday night (after our classes) we took them out to pizza. Before we went to pizza they had set up a little kitty-pool in the patio next door because Hildita didn't have school that day. When I was done eating lunch, I got my swimsuit on and went in the pool. The water was 
freezing !!!!!!!! Finally I got in and put my head under but it was still really cold so I was shivering.  While we were in the freezing cold water, we heard something that sounded like a leak. Danahi was looking all over the pool and she found the leak that had water pouring out of it! Finally we managed to plug the leak but there was already a river on the floor underneath the pool! The other kids got out of the pool to eat a late lunch and I got out with them.

After they ate lunch, Hildita dragged me into her room and she painted my nails with bright pink nail polish (I rubbed it right off when I got back into my our room) and put some kid make-up on my face (I rubbed that off too). Then she put a black wig on my head that covered my eyes so I couldn't see anything! I looked really ridiculous and she was laughing so much! When it was time to go, we walked to Pizza Hot (that was not a mistake... it's not Pizza Hut, it's Pizza Hot).  Everyone except my mom and I squirted a lot of Ketchup on their pizzas like all of the Nicaraguans that we met!! In the restaurant there was a playground with swings and things to climb on. When Hildita and I went on the swings, the whole jungle gym swayed back and forth!!

We heard noises (we usually did) and when we looked up(there was an open courtyard) we saw bright gold fire works that the church was letting go off for some sort of services.

When everyone had finished eating, we walked to the Parque Central (Central Park) to look at the jewelry and other art pieces that people were selling. Hilda bought a bracelet. As we were going home, we walked by the ice cream spot where everyone hangs out and my mom offered to buy us ice cream. Of course we said yes so went up to the counter to order our ice cream. As we were eating, Hildita's ice cream went plop on the table and her cone was empty! Everyone was laughing a lot and Hildita got another ice cream and this time it stayed on. In the back of the ice cream place, there is an arcade and we put money in the game where there is a grabber that you use to pick up stuffed animals but we didn't get anything out of it. Danahi and I played ice hockey and it was a close game but I won! We walked home and went to sleep in Leon for the last time!
The little stairway outside
of our room
The little courtyard

The little kitchen

The big table!

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