Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello from Sabana Grande

Well, we are behind in our blogging, with a backlog of things to write about, including our favorite spots in Leon, the many afternoon excursions we did with our school there and our weekend with Uncle Andy visiting! We will post more soon about that, but right now we are in an internet spot in Ocotal, about 20 km north of our new home in  El Proyecto, Sabana Grande. FYI... its Nadine writing this time!

We left Leon on Saturday afternoon with Susan Kinne, the director of Grupo Fenix. Luckily we got the express bus north to Esteli, and from there a taxi to our next bus stop for the express to Ocotal.... it was a mob scene, but we did get on with all our stuff smashed in the luggage hold below. About dark, 6pm ish, we got to la tabla de Totogalpa, our stop, and were met by Yelba , the mom of our new house, her 14 year old daughter Scarleth, and their neighbor Yubelki,11. We had to drag all of our stuff about a mile to their house in the dark...it was not much fun!

The family and the house are lovely, though. Papa Jorge also works at the Solar Centre, and their son Angel is 7 years old and everyone, including the cutest little 2month old puppy, are very friendly..... which is good, as our spanish is still borderline and they do not speak English. There is electricity ..solar and conventional, in our house. No running water, but a good dry latrine and a shower stall to take bucket showers in, refreshing! Actually, it is cool at night, which is so welcome after the heat of Leon!

Today was the first day of school this year. We did not go, but instead worked on school work from PBES! We are going to do some short projects in this next 10 days while we are here before the  Mariposa School... Yesterday we visited the Sabana Grande school and the Solar Centre, checking out the solar cookers, efficent stoves, both wood and charcoal, a solar water destiller, solar lamps,and the in construction Solar Restaurant. Hopefully tomorrow we will start a painting project at the Centre, and possibly a gardening project at the school which just got a well!!!!

We have some great pictures, but we do not have our computer today, so they will have to wait to be posted...next time.

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