Friday, February 11, 2011

Spanish School

margot and the sign!
Hard at work with Cecilia

Florence getting her certificate of
 achievement from the school
Today was our last day of taking Spanish classes at Dariana Spanish School. They provide morning classes from 8-12 and activities in the afternoon (only on the week days). You can also do a home stay.We participated in all three for 3.5 weeks. The classes are 1 on 1, so everyone has their own teacher and usually students switch teachers every week. I (Margot) had the same teacher for the whole time (Cecilia), but my mom had one teacher for half the time (Carmen) and had another teacher for the second half (Glenda). All of the students are in one big room but at different small tables all around.

My teacher Cecilia and I played various games in Spanish to help me learn Spanish in a fun way. We also drew pictures and made crafts. Two days she did my hair like a Nicaraguan girl! A big part of learning Spanish is the verbs which are very complicated(!). Also we have to learn which words are feminine and which words are masculine so we can put the right prepositions in front of them. Some nights I had homework and some nights I didn't, but my mom got tons of homework each night! 

one of Cecilia's creations

another hairdo from Cecilia's class!

an aid to learning!

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